Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bible Study

Well, we started bible study tonight and it went really well. Thank you Emily for having us at your home. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and can't wait to make new friendships. Mari, I know you were nervous but you did a really good job. Keep doing what you do pray and keeping everyone on track with God's word. I have learned so much from you and can't thank you enough for that. I am looking forward to next week!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Daddy's Girl

Tara really didn't like this at all.
Gerry being funny.
Andre looking handsome as usual.
Daddy's girl!
I love this picture. Gerry put Andre's boogy board on some chairs and put Tara up trying to make it look like she was surfing. But as you can see she wasn't up for it. But I think this picture turned out great.

Tippy toes and so happy.
You could hear her laugh over the sound of the ocean, lol. It was so sweet.
Run Andre run
What a trio:)
Well, we finally made it to the beach this year yeah. The only problem was that there was a storm out over the water but thank God it wasn't a hurricane. We got there on Thursday and it was so cold and raining like crazy at least no thunder or lighting so the kids did get to go swimming on the inside pool which made them very happy. On our way down Andre asked to stop at rest stop and needless to say they talked Gerry into sitting in on a timeshare presentation for Friday morning. He felt it was raining we would get free breakfast, free tickets to the aquarium and a free 2 night 3 day stay at one of their resorts. So we did that on Friday and we actually ended up with everything listed above plus another 2 night 3 day vacation yeah. Not sure how we did that but it will be great and can't wait to take the opportunity to take them up on those two vacations. The great thing is that after we were done (no we didn't buy) it was absolutely beautiful out and warm. So the kids got to go swimming in the pools and we got to go to the beach but not swimming in the water cause the waves were crazy so we only put our feet in. The whole weekend ended up being a great weekend. We our friends Vivian, Chris and their two kids so everyone had someone to play with and we actually had adults to talk too, lol.

Heavens Gates, Hells Flame

Heavens Gates, Hells Flame was a play that Allie was in, Wednesday night was the last night for it. She invited Gerry and I to go, she was so excited about it and really wanted us to go. To be honest we didn't really think about it until Cyndi called us and asked if we were going to go and if so she would babysit. Well, she asked Gerry again and he told her we would go to have a night out and to see Allie cause she was so excited about the message the play had.

The play was awesome and Allie and the whole cast (which were members of her Church I believe) did a great job. The play really made you stop and think. It was about different scenarios in every one's life, a mother and daughter the daughter goes to Church but the mother (not a bad person) doesn't but she volunteers and does a lot of good but never ask Jesus in her heart well they end up dieing together and the the daughters name is in the book of life and goes to heaven but the mother's name isn't in it and she goes to hell. Father and son driving along and their talking and the son asked the dad about God and the father said they had plenty of time besides mom had enough religion to save them all and there was another family driving coming from Church they had an accident and they all die the family that had all accepted Jesus (family coming from Church) goes to heaven the father and son who said there would be plenty of time ended up in hell. Co workers one saved one not, after talking the one co worker not saved became saved than an accident happened and they died, well the one saved knew where he was going the other man wasn't sure cause he had JUST prayed but because he had just prayed they both go to heaven. The whole play was like this different scenarios that happen in any ones life.

This is where it got really exciting for me. At the end of the play they asked for anyone who wanted to accept the Lord to raise their hands and anyone who had accepted the Lord and wanted to recommit to raise their hands. Than they asked everyone one of them to stand and to my surprise after I had stood Gerry stood (THANK YOU GOD) and asked all of us to come down to the alter and pray the sinners prayer. I am over the moon to say on September 24, 2008 together we were saved as husband and wife. I was in tears and I know Gerry still isn't sure about some things but he took that step and I am so proud of him. God has answered my prayers. I love you Gerry more every day and I am so proud of you. God Bless You!!!!!!!! God is so good.

Six random things about me.

Alright, Mari sent me this to post six random things about me. I've only been posting for a short while so if I don't do this right I'm sorry. But will try. Oh, Boy where do I start. I always hate questions about myself. Here we go:

1. I have saved ever paper Andre has ever brought home or colored on but poor Tara I don't have anything for her YET. I guess it is the second child syndrome? No I didn't keep the band aids from all his shots even though I do know of someone who has done that lol.

2. I LOVE pictures of my family and friends they mean the world to me and yes I save them all and even will put them up in the livingroom. I also enjoy taking them.

3. I enjoy sitting out on the back porch looking up at the stars in amazement at the beauty and vastness of it all. While thanking God for it. And of course just enjoying the peace and quite cause everyone is usually in bed when I'm out there.

4. I use to collect dolls and I still have some of my stuff animals, dolls and baby clothes from my child hood.

5. I start to put up Christmas stuff as early as I can but Gerry tries to make me wait till after Thanksgiving. It takes me so long to up the tree that I like it up as soon as possible to enjoy it. We have so many decorations it takes me about two days to get everything up.

6. Yeah the last one, I enjoyed going beach glass hunting and wish I could do it here in SC somewhere but know if there is a place to do it. When I was home this summer I went to Lake Erie to find it. It was so much fun and relaxing.

I know I am suppose to tag others but truth be told I don't know that many in the blog world. So, if you are reading this and would like to do this please do so. I love to read what you have to post.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Day at the zoo

We had a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to go to the zoo for the day. We took lunch with us and ate in the little area were they have picnic tables. It was a cool day so it was really nice to walk around. The zoo was packed there were so many people there it was crazy. We figured the animals would be active but the only ones that were active was in the aquarium. All the snakes were moving around. yuck! But it was so cute to watch Tara get so excited cause they were moving around. I think I have her convinced that snakes are icky, lol.

As you can see from the pictures above Tara is still doing her Hollywood pose (with no prompting by us just to let you know) lol. The kids had a great time and always enjoy getting their pictures on or around certain things at the zoo. The only thing that disappointed us was that a lot of the animals outside weren't moving or we couldn't find them. Andre got to the birds and monkeys he wanted to see and Tara got to see the monkeys and koala she wanted to see. They both got to ride the carousel and the tram up to the garden area. It really was a great day for the family to spend time together.

Now on Thursday we will be leaving for Myrtle Beach and can't wait. We will be meeting some friends down there for the weekend, yeah! I just pray there won't be any hurricanes out there brewing! I believe there is one out there but I don't think (at least right now) it will do anything but I am praying.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Andre's new hair cut

Well, out of the clear blue Andre asked me to cut his hair short again. To be honest I was surprised cause I know he has been wanting it long, which is fine with us as long as he doesn't come home with any tatoos anytime soon lol. I didn't cut it the way he had asked me thank God cause after he showered he came down the stairs in tears. He didn't like the way it looked. My heart sank and I thought to myself oh boy here we go and remind you I didn't cut it as short as he had asked for. Well, there were a few places that needed to be trimmed up and after that he was finally happy it. I personally think it looks great and as he tell's me "I feel light headed now mom".

Little Miss Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday we went out with my friend Cyndi shopping and lunch. Had a wonderful time considering Cyndi never goes shopping. I think she is the only women I know who hates to shop. I tease her all the time and she knows I love her. It's been a while since we really got together and I had a great time. It is always a blessing to be able to spend time with her, she is such a great influence of how God works in someone's life.

After we got home Tara found her sun glasses and oh my goodness, what a ham. She just started to pose. She is a little diva in the making. Heaven help the man she marries lol.

Cub Scouts Family Popcorn Kick off cook out

Well, we have started another year in the Cub Scouts. Monday night was the kick off for us to start selling our popcorn. We usually don't like to sell stuff but this is for a good cause and it all goes right back to the Scouts. We are very lucky to have a wonderful team of leaders that our boys are around. Danny and Chuck do a lot for the boys and I know some of the dads and moms are always involved. I on the other am not always involved. I feel this is perfect time for father and son to connect without us girls around. Plus I'm not really up to camping in a tent just yet with Tara lol. So when they do go camping it is just us girls enjoying time together. Tara love's it when daddy isn't home cause she then sleeps on his side of the bed, lol.
Andre doing a craft, they made a little box of popcorn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I don't know what I am going to do now I am so frustrated. Went to the doctors for the 4th time in two weeks, ok my ogbyn actually helped two times, which she gave me better medicine than my regular doctor did ugh. I still can't hear anything in my left ear. They took a look and come to find out both ears are impacted BUT the right ear is worst than the left (don't know how I can hear out of that ear a little muffled but can hear) so they cleaned them out and I'm laying there thinking oh thank you I'll be able to hear again, WRONG, come to find out my real problem I have fluid build up down in the ear so needless to say I STILL CAN'T hear. UGH!!!!!!!!! On top of going to the doctors I took Tara with me, she was good for a while but ended up getting upset and hid under the doctors desk. Thank God the doctor hadn't come in yet but the male nurse was wonderful with her. He even brought her in two toy fish to play with and keep. He put drops in my ear and I had to lay there so he pushed the chair over for her to hold my hand, which she did for a few minutes. I don't think she liked seeing me on that table. Only after I promised her a trip to McDonald's was she a lot better. But only if her attitude was better. I usually don't like to bribe my child but I couldn't get up off the table so since she was good I bucked up and took her to her favorite place, McDonald's, yuck (I can't stand that place but the things we do as mother's to make our kids mind lol).

I think my family is frustrated too with me cause I am asking them all the time to speak up. Andre doesn't talk that loud unless he wants too. I feel sorry for Gerry right now cause he is the only one who hears Tara in the middle of the night now. If I am a sleep on my good ear I don't hear anything. Unfortunately, Tara still has night terrors and wakes up screaming so Gerry has been getting up with her. Please pray that I start to feel better. We're suppose to go to Carowinds for Gerry's shop picnic this weekend so I'm not too sure how I will do. Don't think I will be able to ride any of the rides but we'll see. I am just frustrated and had to blow off some steam.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First full week of school down

Wasn't too sure how this week would go but seemed to go ok. Andre still doesn't like school but I think enjoys being with his friends. He did really well with homework, came home and went straight to his bedroom to do it. A little fighting here and there but could have been so much worst. I can tell you he survived the first week of school and he is still a live and is off to school for his second week lol. I love him so much but we really do butt heads when it comes to school. Plus I think he is going through other things he doesn't know how to handle, puberty. He is only 9 will be 10 in December so can I be right or wrong? Any suggestions I would love to hear from you on this. To me that just seems too young but others tell me different. So I will ask that you pray for us and he starts to enjoy school or at least give it a chance.

Tara is a little lost without her big brother around but I can tell you she doesn't scream as much when he is in school. lol. I am starting to feel better (I go to the doctors today at 11:00 to check my ears) and am hoping to start to do a little more with her. Poor little Tara begs me to take her out of the house lol. Pretty sad when a 3 year old ask to go somewhere. I'm still not too sure if I'm putting her in mother's morning out or not yet. I am having a hard time doing that for her. She is my LAST baby and I guess I don't want to cut the strings just yet. It is going to kill me when she starts school. I will have panic attacks Andre will be in 6th grade (Middle School) yuck and she'll be starting kindergarten yuck. They grow up so fast. I can cry now just thinking about it. When Andre started Kindergarten that's when I asked Gerry to adopt again. I know this time if I suggest it again he will tell me NO:( I am very blessed with the family God has given us.

I am happy that Gerry is off of second or third shift (not too sure how they classify this) now. For the past two weeks he was covering for a friend that had his second baby, a boy. Hopefully now our family can get back to our routine. I will have to keep you posted on how Andre does with school and IF Tara starts mother's morning out.