Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Graduation Day Sal!

I just wanted to say congrats on your graduation. I know God will do awesome things with you and your family. BUT I am going to be selfish and say I hope you all don't move too far away. We love you guys and we're so proud to see you are FINALLY done with school. I know your family (Mari) is happy also.
Congrats and Best wishes in all God puts in your way!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo

Tara and her BEST friend Samantha
Here is the perfect picture of Tara and Andre. These two monkeys were so funny and making so much noise. The one was slapping the other on the head so much like Tara does to poor Andre.

The Fontana clan and Tara. They all look so sweet BUT we know better right Mari lol.

Thanks Mari for taking us to the zoo we had a lot of fun. Tara DID NOT want to leave when it was time to get Andre off of the bus. In the car she was crying and screaming and finally she calmed down and said she was sorry. She said sorry to make sure we can go back to the zoo. lol It was too funny how she said it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So much to share too little time ( I need to post more often)

I love this picture. There wasn't anywhere to sit so she squatted. It has to be in her blood just like all the Chinese do in China.

All the pictures above are from Peachtree Rock. The kids had a ball. Tara asked before we left if there were animals in there and when I told her yes, she wasn't too sure if she wanted to go. But afterwards she is sure she wants to go back with Daddy, Mommy and Andre.

This picture should be the last one of the pool but as usual I have no idea how to get it in order lol.

Got to love this face lol. Andre was put in the pool after the wall went up to help with the sand and he couldn't get out. So he begged to get out while acting a little crazy. Yes he did eventually get out even though I thought it was a great play pen for preteens lol.

In the beginning.
These are all from the pool raising, sound kinda Amish doesn't it lol. We were very blessed to all who helped put our pool up. We decided to buy a used pool so Gerry had to take it down and dig to level it and put it up. So I want to thank Don for helping with taking it down, digging and setting it up. Cyndi and Mari for digging o my I thought that would never be done. Chris, Greg, Don, Mark and Paul for giving up their Saturday help put it up. I can't wait to get in there and enjoy it. Yes you will be invited probably not all at once though lol.

Andre and Tara took swimming lessons in April. Even though it was VERY cold in the beginning they did eventually get to swim. Andre is totally done with lessons they said he could join a swim team it he wanted cause he learned so fast. But poor little Tara, she enjoyed it but I'm thinking she might end up with that float on the rest of her life lol. She would not get her bangs wet at all. She would tell on Jackson if he splashed her in the face. Way too much like a girl not wanting to get her face and hair wet lol.
Andre brought his mask home from school so he had to make one for Tara too. She can't be forgotten you know.