Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Long time no blog, lol Merry Christmas!

The Salyers clan

Aunt Debbie and Darby

Nana and Tara

Andre, Grandma and Cody

Grandma and me (Billie)

Well, I am still a live but just haven't been blogging for a while. It has been crazy here. The last blog was when my Grandparents stopped by on their way to Florida. Well, when they left my parents came down a few days later, stayed one night and we all headed to Florida for Grandma's 80th surprise birthday party. The party was wonderful everyone was there and we had great food. But the best part was Grandma had all her kids there to celebrate with her. I know even my Uncle who passed away was there with us. I think that is the best gift we could have given her all of us being there. Gerry, Tara and I headed back to SC after one full night in Florida cause the next day I had to go in for my per opt test for my hand surgery. I hated to leave but was thankful to be able to see everyone. Andre stayed with my parents for a few extra days. Yes the first for him and I think he loved it. He had a lot of fun playing and riding around on the 15 acres.

On November 20th I had surgery on my hand. Mom & Dad was here in time to help take care of the kids for us. They stayed only a few days cause dad had to get back to work. So this pretty much should bring you up to date now. My hand seems to be doing pretty good now but I'm still in a hard cast. I can't wait to get it off in January.
The kids both had birthday's this month. Tara turned 4 on the 6th and Andre turned 10 on the 19th. Still hard to believe how fast time flies. They are coming into their own and want things the way they want them. I will ask for prayer though Andre has started the per teen attitude already so any prayers would help him stay a live till he turns 11, lol. I will post pictures of the kids birthday's later on.
I also wanted to wish you all a wonderful, healthy Merry Christmas. Lets take this time to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, Jesus. He is our wonderful saviour who loves us no matter what. He is the great I Am, always there for us even when we may not want Him to be. What unconditional love He gives, I am in awe of Him. How can he love a sinner like me. I do know I love Him and want to say Happy Birthday Jesus without you I can't do anything. He is my rock.