Friday, March 13, 2009

Sal's b-day party

OK, I have to say I still don't know how to upload pictures in the right order. Here is Tara running all over the play ground at Sal's birhtday party.

Now the next picture was later that night this is the picture that is out of order. I don't feel like deleting it cause it takes too long to upload the pictures so bare with me, lol.

This is Tara's very first official sleep over with HER friend Samantha. These two little girls are something else when they are together. Samantha loves to baby Tara and let me tell you Tara eats every bit of it up, lol. When it was time for Samantha to go home all Tara could ask was is she coming back is she sleeping over again. They FINALLY fell asleep about 11:36. They had fun and enjoyed each other and our very own girls night together.

Rotten and Rottener!!!!!!!!! LOL

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rough week

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged. I had my surgery on my hand and ended up with depression really bad. I kind a withdrew from everything and everyone. Not sure if it was the surgery and not being able to do anything with the only hand I can do stuff with (my right hand the only one I can write with) or if it was the nasty way too cold weather we had this winter. I think it was both. God is good and the weather has finally turned around to be warm and sunny so I think that has helped. I love having the house open to let in the fresh air. The kids can go outside and play. The only down fall to that is a bath every night lol. And dirty foot prints on my wonderful white floor. (I really HATE that floor)

My mom has had problems and needs your prayers. There is so much going on with her and it is so hard to explain it all. Just talked to her today and she is sick to her stomach which has been a long time problem for her and no one seems to know what to do for her. She is very tired and weak all the time. Please pray for her health and healing so she can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

This winter has taken it's toll on everyone this year. I just found out that my grandparents are very sick. They will be getting results to some x-rays they had taken yesterday, please pray that it isn't anything bad. They are both coughing a lot and they are up in years. Also, my Aunt Roda went to the hospital the same day and she is very sick also. Please pray for all those who are sick, it has been rough this year on everyone.

I have to praise God for His faithfulness and His grace. God is so good to us it is unbelievable even though we may not see it at times. He has been here for us this year and we feel really blessed. This past week Gerry received news that there will be more lay offs, for the third time this year. He was worried he maybe one to go but found out he still has a job for now. Only God knows if there will be any more lay offs but we will be praying there won't be. I feel so sorry for Gerry, see he is in a position where he is the one to walk the people up to HR to tell them they won't have a job. He HATE'S doing this. If it was up to him he would find a job for each of them. He didn't sleep well and is starting to come down with a cold. So, needless to say today they started telling the people. Please pray for them all no one wants to see anyone out of work. Lift everyone who is out of work up in prayer and that things start to turn around for this country.

I have to add that going through all of this he has admitted to praying more and trusting God for the results. What a blessing that a lone is. Looking at where he came from to where he is now. See we don't talk about searching for God's wisdom but now know he is and it is wonderful.

It is funny cause I started to get comfortable again and I ended up going out with friends this past weekend. I spent money that I really didn't need to spend. Even though I had a wonderful time with the girls I never would have spent the money if I knew this was going to happen.
And needless to say that very same day I signed the kids up for swimming at 3:30; Gerry got the news at 4:30 talk about guilt O my I felt terrible even though he gave permission to do it. Gerry is so sweet and tries hard not to show his emotions. God has blessed me with the husband I have cause I'm not too sure anyone else could deal with me lol. I have to thank God for him.

Gerry please always know God is ALWAYS there for you and we are always there for you too. As long as we have God and each other things will be fine. I LOVE YOU !!!!!