Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Andre 12-19-98 and Happy 10th Gotcha Day 12-20-99

Here is my oldest baby at one year old maybe a month or two after we got home from Russia (we got home from Russia Dec 24, 1999 just in time to spend our first Christmas at home). I sit here amazed at the road we have traveled to get to this point. See I had 5 miscarriages a lot of poking, prodding, surgeries, shots, disappointment BUT God led us to this handsome little boy who needed a forever family. No matter what we went through it was so worth it to get to this sweet little guy.

See today 12-19-09 my sweet little boy turned 11 with a house full of friends and their families Sal, Samantha, Donavon, Sierra along with her younger sister and three brothers, Ben, Freddie, Hannah, Rebecka and of course his little sister Tara. I love to watch him play with his friends and hear them laugh and have a great time together.

Today we celebrated with cake and ice cream of his choice but when Andre turned one it was a different story. Andre was still in the orphanage when he turned one so we went to visit him but this time we snuck in with a banana for him to eat. Poor little guy had no clue what it was and the face he made was so funny but he wanted to keep trying to eat it though. He didn't know it but when we went back to our room we celebrated his birthday with a cake (even though it was bitter sweet because he wasn't with us yet) but that cake was the worst cake I had ever tried to eat in my life lol. That will teach us to celebrate without him there, right, lol. The sweetest celebration was when we finally got him home with us to MS and his Nana came for a visit, he finally had a taste of what a real cake was suppose to be and believe me he had it ALL over him the floor and chair the dogs loved him that day lol.

On 12-20-99 we went to court to adopt Andre and the judge gave her permission BUT not all of the paper work. We didn't know it until about 9:oo at night and Gerry and Mick had to go and get the paper that was missing off of the Orphanage Directors desk so we could get back to Moscow. That night was a terrible snow storm and when we finally got on the road we were the only ones out there and got pulled over by the police. Talk about a scary time but Suzanne explained we had to get back to Moscow and he let us go, thank God.

The ride back to Moscow was a scary one. See in Russia there are no gas stations every few exits like here in the states, actually there are none and there are no lights so it was dark, snowy and there were people wearing black coats and you couldn't see them until the last minute. But we made it back to Moscow safely with God's grace.

That first night was something. I had no clue what I was doing. I was the only one in the room with Andre and I sat my poor sweet baby on the bed, yes I said on the bed and left the room for a minute and heard thump, oh my goodness, right on the head he fell. Can you believe I didn't do it once but twice lol. Poor kid maybe he was better off being in the orphanage NO WAY he was better with us no matter what. I was so mad at Gerry for leaving me a lone with this sweet baby but he was running around Moscow doing things that needed to get done. So there I was with Andre and both of us sitting in our room crying together. I still can't believe how our first night went but we did get through it with two bumps and a live lol.

Andre's whole adoption process was unusual and difficult but so worth it. I can now sit here and see God's hand in the whole process and I can't thank Him enough for all he did to make sure this sweet little guy came home with us. God is so good even among all the pain of losing my babies He made sure His plan worked the way He wanted. I'll be honest I didn't see that at that time but now do and am thankful.

Andre, I pray that you know how much of a blessing you are to us and how much you are loved. No matter how old you get you will always be my baby boy that I prayed for and God heard my prayers. I might not have carried you in my tummy but I carried you in my heart and we picked you and you picked us and I am so grateful. I love you Happy 11th Birthday and Happy 10th Gotcha Day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Birth Mother's to two amazing children God could ever give me....

I was out shopping at Khol's, when on my way home I was listening to the radio and there was a women who was talking about her birth mother. She said she was able to make contact with her through a letter. She just wanted to let her birth mother know that she appreciated what she did for her and that she was doing well and was blessed. She asked for the radio station to play Gentle Mary for her birth mother cause of the hard times she had to go through to make the decisions she had to make just like Mary did. So, there I was basically crying at how amazing her story was. There was no anger or hatred towards her birth mother. Even though the birth mother opted not to contact her back at this point she still feels blessed. God is so good and the women knows that what happened was met to be.

The funny thing is that I have been thinking about this subject for a very long time now, the birth parents of both my children. I know there is no way of ever finding them and thanking them for what they did, for the sacrifice they made for their children. I for one would so love to meet them and hug them and tell them thank you. Thank you for giving birth to my beautiful children. For giving me the chance to love their babies and watch them grow. What a sacrifice it had to be for them to decide to give them up. We have from day one told our children that their birth families loved them and the decision to give them up could not have been an easy one for them. So, my kids will come to me and say things like my mommy in China or my mom in Russia when they ask questions about them. It doesn't bother me cause I see these two women as brave, unselfish women who loved their babies very much. I give them so much credit. The love they had for them to know they couldn't take care of their babies. What an heart breaking decision that had to be.

Being an adoptive parent I have a heart for anyone who adopted or might be thinking about it. Even for the parents who have to decide if they can take care of their babies, what to do, they could abort but choose to do the right thing and give people like myself a chance to be a parent. See I am unable to carry a baby and it is heart breaking but in the end of all that pain I went through I would NOT change anything for the world. God made sure things worked out for the better even though I might not had seen that back then but now I know only too well. He had other plans for us. And I am so thankful to God for my children.

A while back I met a woman who had put up her baby for adoption at Khol's. I asked her a question about the size of something and told her that my daughter was tiny cause she was Asian. And she starting asking me questions. Next thing I knew she told me that she had a hard life and became pregnant and she put her baby up for adoption. I was shocked but as we talked more the story was amazing cause of the decision she had to make for her child to have a better life. As you all know I am an emotional person especially when it comes to adoption. I hugged this woman a complete stranger and told her how thankful those adoptive parents must be cause I only know too well how grateful I am. I thanked her on behalf of my children's birth parents. I told her I would never be able to thank them so I thanked her on behalf of all adoptive parents. What a sacrifice she made for the best of her child.

So, I just want to say THANK YOU to my children's birth parents. I love you cause you blessed me with these two beautiful kids. I am so thankful to the birth parent's and just hope and pray that they know that their babies are taken care of and loved unconditionally. I pray God gives them a piece of mind knowing their babies are OK.

I know my blog doesn't get read by too many people and that's OK. Maybe say a quick prayer for all birth parents. Maybe you know of someone who might be thinking of putting their baby up for adoption or know of an birth parent, give them my blog for them to read this. If I can help maybe one person to even understand what an adoptive parent feels maybe that person will have less pain in making a decision.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Four years ago, how time flies-Tara's gotcha day October 25, 2005

Signing all the paper work for the adoption.
Here comes our babies, where is our sweet Tara?
Daddy and Mommy so excited to have their sweet little angle God blessed us with.
Tara fell a sleep on the bus ride back to the hotel.
After she woke up she was in a great mood and smiling.
After a long day of being loved on and cared for by Daddy cause Mommy was in bed sick after all the excitement of the day.
This was taken when the babies were in another room and we were able to get a glimpse of them waiting for us to meet them.

This is such an emotional time in my life and so many emotions going through me and wishing Andre was there to share it with us. Yes, I was the same way when we received Andre in Russia.

I sit here in amazement that it has been 4 years since we were united with our sweet little angle God had picked out for us. So many emotions so many feelings it is hard to put into words. This whole adoption came about cause I really didn't want Andre to grow up without a brother or sister. When he started kindergarten I really had an ache in my heart for another child. I really thought I was ok with only one child but wanted more for Andre. I know only too well what it is like to grow up without a sibling. I knew God had done everything in the process for Andre I knew He would make it possible for us again if it was in His plan. And it was.

Our friends from Mississippi told us about CCAI and their adoption and when I went to CCAI's web site and saw those sweet beautiful faces I was hooked. It took us a while to get all our paper work together and sent into China. The day we received our referral was the most exciting time for our family. CCAI called and told us to go to our computer so the three of us sat around the computer waiting for the picture of our angle. Andre was so excited and couldn't wait to see his sister. When the picture came up all I could say was how beautiful she was and crying I couldn't even talk to the lady on the phone. She gave us the info and everything that would be happening and happening soon. Andre called Nana and Papa as soon as we had the picture to share the news with them. Than we spent that day as a family of three flying a kite at the high school and racing cars knowing we would soon be a family of four.

We traveled to China October 22, 2005 spent time in Hong Kong and than we flew into Hunan the night before we were to meet our angle. We didn't take Andre not knowing what the process would be like and afraid it might be like it was in Russia. Thank God it wasn't and we regret now not taking him. But he was at home safe and sound with Nana and Grandma Carol.

Gotcha Day, October 25, 2005 at 3:00 am I was wide a wake I just couldn't sleep knowing that day I would be holding our angle. Before we could go get our babies we had some more paper work to sign and they taught us how to make the bottles for the babies and cut our nipples cause the rice formula was so thick. Than we went and got on the bus everyone was so excited. We got to the building where the babies were and we had to do more waiting it was a killer. I just wanted so bad to run in there and get her. When it was our turn to go in I think we were like the second or third in line to receive our baby. When it was our turn all my emotions took over. The man brought Tara over to us and we still couldn't hold her until we made sure she was ours they showed us her paper work and when we said yes he handed her to us. I was numb, crying and couldn't believe I was holding our angle, finally, after all those months. She never cried, she just looked around wondering what was going on. She fell a sleep in my arms on our way back to the hotel. We were told to go to our rooms and wait for the doctor to come around. The doctor said Tara was fine and we didn't have any problems. After everything that happened that day I was feeling sick so for the first night Gerry took care of Tara until she fell a sleep. He actually fell a sleep leaning on the side of her crib. He was so happy to have his daughter.

We waited a long time to have the family we have. I can say one thing and that is God had everything to do with both of the adoptions. His hand was all over both of them and I can't thank God enough and praise Him enough for what He has done for our family. We were put through a lot trying to have a family but when I was going through the stuff I had to go through I had no idea what bigger plan He had for us and I am so happy it has worked out the way it has. All the heart ache and all, thank you God for everything. I know my five other sweet babies are waiting for me in heaven but for now I have two wonder, sweet, beautiful children here to love and care for.

Thank you for reliving our magical day four years ago. I truly feel blessed.

Happy Gotcha Day Tara, Daddy, Mommy and Andre love you and we're so happy you are here with us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stuff to share

OK, this was Andre's first day of 5th grade. I still can't believe he is in last year of elementary school. He was so excited to start. He even got the teacher he wanted, Miss Lee and Miss Lowe. I had the chance to talk with them and they seem very open and willing to help IF there are any problems. We have gotten this far without us being called into the school I am praying it stays that way lol. It seems like yesterday we were in Russia getting him, time flies by so fast.

At the end of last year all the kids had to decide what they wanted to do this year, band, orchestra, course or Husky TV. Well, Andre decided on orchestra and playing the violin. He hasn't had the chance to start playing yet. His teacher is still over seas fighting for our freedom. But he is excited and can't wait to try. I hope it works out cause they say those who play the violin become better with their math, let's hope lol. Right now if he stays in he will perform at two different concerts this year. I can't wait. I will let you know when that happens and if.

Tara and Hailey, Tara is a little board without her big brother around to play with so she has been playing with Hailey.

OK, this I have to know, do all little girls like to undress their barbies? We have naked barbies laying everywhere lol. She say, they taken a bath momma........ I would like to see clothes on them. I remember always taking one outfit off BUT always putting another one on. Please let me know is this normal or should I be worried about her older years lol.....

This is a dragonfly I saw on our plants yesterday. I thought the pictures turned out cute and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy them too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jilted by my date:(

OK, today I had planned a date day with Andre and Gerry would take Tara and do something. Ever since we lived in Mississippi Andre and I would go to Olive Garden with my friend and her kids which happen to be about the same age, so he has fond memories of going there. My goal was to spend time alone with him and finish his school shopping, looking for shoes. Well, we got his shoes, stopped by Piggly Wiggly for their tent sale which had some really good deals and than we were off to Olive Garden for lunch. Well guess what happened? Sitting there I saw a look on Andre's face that told me something wasn't right, he was sick. I paid the bill and we left to come home. My poor baby (he would be mad to know I wrote that) was in tears and couldn't wait to leave. I knew he was sick when he didn't want to finish his meal and finish shopping. I felt so bad for him. Next time I told him he is going to pay lol. So now we are home and he is relaxing on the couch and Tara is on the floor playing with stuff and beating up a stuff horse lol and singing. I hope this sickness doesn't go around the house I have had enough of it and don't want anymore. Hope everyone out there is well and not in the same boat. We will be staying home tomorrow from Church cause the flu is going around there ughhhhhhh will it ever end probably not.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summers over and 5th grade here we come!

Wow, I don't know where the time has gone but today I had to sign Andre up for the 5th grade. I can't believe first of all our little boy, OK young man, tween is headed into 5th grade. It seems like yesterday we were in Russia and running around trying to get things done to bring him home. I think what scares me more is to think he will be in middle school next year. He will graduate to youth classes (not sure what they actually call it) at Church next year. It seems like this is the last year of my little boy, he would be so mad at me for saying that lol. I love you Andre and am very proud of you.

Second I can't believe the summer is almost over. It has flown by and I don't know where it went. I don't know how we did it. Andre will wake up (sometimes at 7:00 AM) and say can so and so come over ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Please let me wake up first lol. We made it through the summer and enjoyed it. We are thankful to Mari's in law's for inviting us to the cabin, we had so much fun there and loved spending time with Mari and her family. And we were very lucky to have a reunion with most of our China families at Tybee Island, GA which will never be forgotten and we are looking forward to the next one. Cindy did an awesome job putting it together. We had our very good friends move away and we miss them very much. It isn't the same here without them. We're proud they followed what God had planned for them but we still miss you. We love you Kidd family. And in between we have been enjoying the pool and Church so I guess we have been busy.

Tara is 4 but thinks she is 10, lol, she thinks she will be going to school but I don't think we'll sign her up instead I will enjoy our last year together before real life takes hold. I feel bad cause we had her tested to see if she could get in but they said she was normal, what ever normal is for a 4 year old lol. She keeps saying I don't know what school I'll be going to mom so we will have to break it to her gently, lol. She is growing up so fast right before our eyes. She is the one who pushes us to our limit, lol. I would never change anything with either of my children. I love them both so much. Tara you are our little chili pepper you are so spicy. I love you.

Hope everyone out there has enjoyed their summer as much as we have. Not too sure if I'm ready for winter to get here though. I love fall and spring and will look forward to those seasons coming.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tybee Island, GA Chili Pepper Reunion

This is Cindy and her beautiful daughter Zoey, she is the one that arranged our Chili Pepper Reunion on Tybee Island, GA. She worked so hard and organized everything. She even had us on the news down there. We will receive a copy of that and when I can put it up her I will let you know.

Tara and Grace

The girls blowing bubble, Grace, Lauryn, Sally and Tara
This is our red couch picture ( I will have to post the red couch photo later so you can see the difference in the girls) start on the left there is Lauryn, Grace, Zoey, (sitting down) Jadie, Sally, Raquel, (sitting)Valerie, Tara, Kinsi, Jaylene and Erin.
Here is a picture of 11 of the 16 families that were able to make it to the reunion. This was a the Tybee Art Studio. The girls made their scrapbook there made visors and some were interviewed by the TV news crew.
Jaylene, Sally, Zoey, Valerie, Grace, Jadie, Kinsi, Tara, Raquel, Erin and Lauryn with her mom
Doing their scrapbooks
This was way too cute to pass up. The parents rented bikes and put the two little ones in the bucket, Jadie and Valerie.
Girls playing
Andre and Tara

Claudia and I on the beach
Sunset behind the Tybee Lighthouse
Everyone in the kitchen well most of everyone.
Here is Cindy's mom, Nana she was amazing and kept up with the rest of us. She cleaned she cooked and than cleaned up again. God Bless her is so sweet.
Tara, Victoria and Raquel
Andre looking cooooooooooool! lol
Andre and Tara
First day we were there we found a star fish. Don't worry I didn't bring it home I put it back in the ocean he or she was still a live.
Than we had dolpins playing out there, I think there was about six at one point playing around.
We even found a sand dollar and a hermet crab.
OH MY GOODNESS I thought I was going to die when I saw how she posed for this picture. I am in trouble.
Ok, I am sorry there are so many pictures on here but I had to share them. Believe me I have hundreds more I could have put on here but didn't lol. You know I don't even know where to begin, I was blown away by this reunion. I wasn't sure how it would go cause it's been four years since some of us have seen or even talked. But you know what it was like yesterday we saw each other and the bond that holds us together is just amazing and it is those 16 sweet little faces that have brought each of us together and God for putting all these different families together from everywhere. I so wished all the families could have come but only 11 of the 16 were able too. We missed the one's that weren't there and can't wait to see them the next time around. These girls are just amazing and the siblings that some have are just so wonderful with the girls. Cindy did an awesome job putting this together and organizing everything, I don't know how she did it. She even got the news to come and interview some of the families. I hate to say it but I didn't get to see it but they are suppose to send her a link and when I receive it I will share with you. She went to Uncle Bubba's Oyster house (Paula Dean's brothers restaurant) to get us all in, they don't take groups like ours BUT did cause she told our story to them and they took us. Great place to eat if you ever make it to Tybee Island. She even went to get shrimp for our low county boil and talked the captain into giving us a better price and without heads and again she told our story. You are amazing Cindy you really are lol. These families are our extended families and we love each of them and can't wait for the next Reunion.
Cindy thank you so much for everything you did for each of us. You and your mom are just amazing people. God Bless you and your family. We love you and can't wait to see you soon.