Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stuff to share

OK, this was Andre's first day of 5th grade. I still can't believe he is in last year of elementary school. He was so excited to start. He even got the teacher he wanted, Miss Lee and Miss Lowe. I had the chance to talk with them and they seem very open and willing to help IF there are any problems. We have gotten this far without us being called into the school I am praying it stays that way lol. It seems like yesterday we were in Russia getting him, time flies by so fast.

At the end of last year all the kids had to decide what they wanted to do this year, band, orchestra, course or Husky TV. Well, Andre decided on orchestra and playing the violin. He hasn't had the chance to start playing yet. His teacher is still over seas fighting for our freedom. But he is excited and can't wait to try. I hope it works out cause they say those who play the violin become better with their math, let's hope lol. Right now if he stays in he will perform at two different concerts this year. I can't wait. I will let you know when that happens and if.

Tara and Hailey, Tara is a little board without her big brother around to play with so she has been playing with Hailey.

OK, this I have to know, do all little girls like to undress their barbies? We have naked barbies laying everywhere lol. She say, they taken a bath momma........ I would like to see clothes on them. I remember always taking one outfit off BUT always putting another one on. Please let me know is this normal or should I be worried about her older years lol.....

This is a dragonfly I saw on our plants yesterday. I thought the pictures turned out cute and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy them too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jilted by my date:(

OK, today I had planned a date day with Andre and Gerry would take Tara and do something. Ever since we lived in Mississippi Andre and I would go to Olive Garden with my friend and her kids which happen to be about the same age, so he has fond memories of going there. My goal was to spend time alone with him and finish his school shopping, looking for shoes. Well, we got his shoes, stopped by Piggly Wiggly for their tent sale which had some really good deals and than we were off to Olive Garden for lunch. Well guess what happened? Sitting there I saw a look on Andre's face that told me something wasn't right, he was sick. I paid the bill and we left to come home. My poor baby (he would be mad to know I wrote that) was in tears and couldn't wait to leave. I knew he was sick when he didn't want to finish his meal and finish shopping. I felt so bad for him. Next time I told him he is going to pay lol. So now we are home and he is relaxing on the couch and Tara is on the floor playing with stuff and beating up a stuff horse lol and singing. I hope this sickness doesn't go around the house I have had enough of it and don't want anymore. Hope everyone out there is well and not in the same boat. We will be staying home tomorrow from Church cause the flu is going around there ughhhhhhh will it ever end probably not.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summers over and 5th grade here we come!

Wow, I don't know where the time has gone but today I had to sign Andre up for the 5th grade. I can't believe first of all our little boy, OK young man, tween is headed into 5th grade. It seems like yesterday we were in Russia and running around trying to get things done to bring him home. I think what scares me more is to think he will be in middle school next year. He will graduate to youth classes (not sure what they actually call it) at Church next year. It seems like this is the last year of my little boy, he would be so mad at me for saying that lol. I love you Andre and am very proud of you.

Second I can't believe the summer is almost over. It has flown by and I don't know where it went. I don't know how we did it. Andre will wake up (sometimes at 7:00 AM) and say can so and so come over ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Please let me wake up first lol. We made it through the summer and enjoyed it. We are thankful to Mari's in law's for inviting us to the cabin, we had so much fun there and loved spending time with Mari and her family. And we were very lucky to have a reunion with most of our China families at Tybee Island, GA which will never be forgotten and we are looking forward to the next one. Cindy did an awesome job putting it together. We had our very good friends move away and we miss them very much. It isn't the same here without them. We're proud they followed what God had planned for them but we still miss you. We love you Kidd family. And in between we have been enjoying the pool and Church so I guess we have been busy.

Tara is 4 but thinks she is 10, lol, she thinks she will be going to school but I don't think we'll sign her up instead I will enjoy our last year together before real life takes hold. I feel bad cause we had her tested to see if she could get in but they said she was normal, what ever normal is for a 4 year old lol. She keeps saying I don't know what school I'll be going to mom so we will have to break it to her gently, lol. She is growing up so fast right before our eyes. She is the one who pushes us to our limit, lol. I would never change anything with either of my children. I love them both so much. Tara you are our little chili pepper you are so spicy. I love you.

Hope everyone out there has enjoyed their summer as much as we have. Not too sure if I'm ready for winter to get here though. I love fall and spring and will look forward to those seasons coming.