Saturday, October 24, 2009

Four years ago, how time flies-Tara's gotcha day October 25, 2005

Signing all the paper work for the adoption.
Here comes our babies, where is our sweet Tara?
Daddy and Mommy so excited to have their sweet little angle God blessed us with.
Tara fell a sleep on the bus ride back to the hotel.
After she woke up she was in a great mood and smiling.
After a long day of being loved on and cared for by Daddy cause Mommy was in bed sick after all the excitement of the day.
This was taken when the babies were in another room and we were able to get a glimpse of them waiting for us to meet them.

This is such an emotional time in my life and so many emotions going through me and wishing Andre was there to share it with us. Yes, I was the same way when we received Andre in Russia.

I sit here in amazement that it has been 4 years since we were united with our sweet little angle God had picked out for us. So many emotions so many feelings it is hard to put into words. This whole adoption came about cause I really didn't want Andre to grow up without a brother or sister. When he started kindergarten I really had an ache in my heart for another child. I really thought I was ok with only one child but wanted more for Andre. I know only too well what it is like to grow up without a sibling. I knew God had done everything in the process for Andre I knew He would make it possible for us again if it was in His plan. And it was.

Our friends from Mississippi told us about CCAI and their adoption and when I went to CCAI's web site and saw those sweet beautiful faces I was hooked. It took us a while to get all our paper work together and sent into China. The day we received our referral was the most exciting time for our family. CCAI called and told us to go to our computer so the three of us sat around the computer waiting for the picture of our angle. Andre was so excited and couldn't wait to see his sister. When the picture came up all I could say was how beautiful she was and crying I couldn't even talk to the lady on the phone. She gave us the info and everything that would be happening and happening soon. Andre called Nana and Papa as soon as we had the picture to share the news with them. Than we spent that day as a family of three flying a kite at the high school and racing cars knowing we would soon be a family of four.

We traveled to China October 22, 2005 spent time in Hong Kong and than we flew into Hunan the night before we were to meet our angle. We didn't take Andre not knowing what the process would be like and afraid it might be like it was in Russia. Thank God it wasn't and we regret now not taking him. But he was at home safe and sound with Nana and Grandma Carol.

Gotcha Day, October 25, 2005 at 3:00 am I was wide a wake I just couldn't sleep knowing that day I would be holding our angle. Before we could go get our babies we had some more paper work to sign and they taught us how to make the bottles for the babies and cut our nipples cause the rice formula was so thick. Than we went and got on the bus everyone was so excited. We got to the building where the babies were and we had to do more waiting it was a killer. I just wanted so bad to run in there and get her. When it was our turn to go in I think we were like the second or third in line to receive our baby. When it was our turn all my emotions took over. The man brought Tara over to us and we still couldn't hold her until we made sure she was ours they showed us her paper work and when we said yes he handed her to us. I was numb, crying and couldn't believe I was holding our angle, finally, after all those months. She never cried, she just looked around wondering what was going on. She fell a sleep in my arms on our way back to the hotel. We were told to go to our rooms and wait for the doctor to come around. The doctor said Tara was fine and we didn't have any problems. After everything that happened that day I was feeling sick so for the first night Gerry took care of Tara until she fell a sleep. He actually fell a sleep leaning on the side of her crib. He was so happy to have his daughter.

We waited a long time to have the family we have. I can say one thing and that is God had everything to do with both of the adoptions. His hand was all over both of them and I can't thank God enough and praise Him enough for what He has done for our family. We were put through a lot trying to have a family but when I was going through the stuff I had to go through I had no idea what bigger plan He had for us and I am so happy it has worked out the way it has. All the heart ache and all, thank you God for everything. I know my five other sweet babies are waiting for me in heaven but for now I have two wonder, sweet, beautiful children here to love and care for.

Thank you for reliving our magical day four years ago. I truly feel blessed.

Happy Gotcha Day Tara, Daddy, Mommy and Andre love you and we're so happy you are here with us.